Six New Luxury Hotel Rooms at The Bath Hotel

Quirky hotels in Lynmouth? That's us! Have a peep at our refurbishment plans as we overhaul six rooms, with subtle and tasteful themes.

We’re on it. Over this winter we have been very busy Bath bees refurbishing not one, not two, but SIX of our hotel rooms. Six! This is a big scale operation, and we’re working hard to make sure that as much of it is ready for Christmas and New Year’s Eve as humanly possible.

As with any older building, there is no such thing as just a ‘lick of paint’ – the walls have been down, the wiring has been replaced, the plastering has been re-done, we’ve re-built and plumbed bathrooms, the carpets are gone, the rooms have been redesigned…it’s no small feat!

While our last set of refurbished rooms were in the ‘Mariner Wing’ and adopted a cabin-esque feel, these six rooms are based on the Victorian era of exploration and discovery, with subtle and tasteful themes (don’t worry, we haven’t turned into Alton Towers).

While we haven’t got any pictures of the rooms to share just yet, here are two of the themes that we’ve been working with (we’ll be adding another two each week until they’re all up). What do you think? EDIT: ALL SIX ROOMS ARE NOW ADDED!

Contact us direct to book these exciting new rooms, to guarantee you get the best offers available. We love direct bookings!

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