Parking at The Bath Hotel Lynmouth

There are only 5 private car parking spaces at The Bath Hotel, and these are reserved for our suites.

          Public Parking In Lynmouth

Parking in Lynmouth is limited, particularly in peak season (May-September). 


For guests who have reserved rooms other than our suites and are staying for 2 nights or more, we have complimentary public parking permits available at reception for you to use during your stay. On arrival, pop into reception with your car registration and we will give you the permit. 

Parking on the road by the river opposite the hotel is free for increments of two hours.

Restrictions starts at 10am and end at 6pm.

You may leave your car on the roadside overnight free of charge.

There are two large public car parks at either end of the village only a few minutes walk from the hotel and the permits we give you can be used between the main car parks in Lynmouth and Lynton on the same ticket. 

Please feel free to drop luggage at the hotel lobby when you arrive.