Ned Morgan Sculpture – The Octopus of Exmoor

Release the Kraken! A little blog about our very own Octopus sculpture by local artist, Ned Morgan.

Here at The Bath Hotel and The Ancient Mariner, we have a whole host of interesting and unusual artifacts, art installations and maritime curios around the building, bar and outside to have a look at. From the Colombian Printing Press taking centre stage in The Ancient Mariner bar, to the torpedo outside, there’s plenty to keep you talking while you’re here.

Our Octopus sculpture, made by local artist Ned Morgan, bursts out of the wall next to the enormous, cosy log burner, and attempts to escape through the window.

Once reviewer on Trip Advisor declared the bar was the ‘Marvelous Mariner’ and said…

” Our heads darted from left to right, trying to take in all of the fantastically eccentric features with the metallic octopus so realistic that we, among others, gave it a wide berth in fear of becoming entrapped within it’s legs!”

While another mused…

“Friendly staff and inspired interior, loved the giant squid sculpture bursting through the wall [dare I say it’s as worth a look as Verity down the road in Ilfracombe!]”

Bespoke sculpture made by local artist, Ned Morgan, from recycled materials.

The Octopus is made from recycled metal (as all of Ned’s sculptures are made from recycled materials) and features some bicycles, a trampoline, a futon bed, table legs, a walking frame, exhaust pipe, chairs and tube spanners. Reuse and recycle are two huge parts of our ethos at The Bath Hotel and The Ancient Mariner, so Ned’s sculpture and way of working suits us perfectly.

Our Exmoor Octopus (Exmoctopus?) isn’t the only feature to look at in the bar. Another reviewer had the following to say about the decor inside the pub…

“The pub itself was a piece of art to look at with lots of characteristic Fishermen attributes and staff very friendly and helpful.”

Ned is now also in the process of making the new door handles for The Ancient Mariner pub door; the progress is looking amazing!

New door handles for The Ancient Mariner, under construction by sculptor Ned Morgan.

Stay tuned for more updates on our growing collection of curios and art installations – pop in and see them for yourself!

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