Sculpture Installation at The Ancient Mariner

We are absolutely delighted to announce the installation of a new sculpture at The Ancient Mariner. Those who have visited our bar and restaurant before will know that it’s filled with a curious collection of maritime artifacts, and this man-made mollusc is certainly adding to our quota!

We commissioned local sculptor and artist, Ned Morgan, to install a giant octopus, made from recycled materials in our Exmoor bar and restaurant, The Ancient Mariner. Ned is in the process of making the final adjustments to the (thus far) nameless octopus who will be emerging from the wall, tentacles first, when he’s finished. There may even be a tentacle bursting through the window to grab passers by…you’ll have to wait and see!

Ned’s website is HERE, and a link to his Facebook page is HERE.

See the process below, and we’ll keep you posted on an unveiling date.