Guest Information for Booked Guests
Last updated 14.07.2020

Thank you for your reservation! Please read through the following carefully, with our thanks:

1. The 'Pre-Arrival Questionnaire' - please download, fill out and return to us.

2. The 'Pre-Arrival Information' - guidance on how to get to us, car parking etc. Please read through and save to a device.

3. The 'Welcome Pack' - paper copies of this are available at reception, but please save one to a device where possible.

1. Pre Arrival Questionnaire:

Please ensure that you download, fill out and e-mail back to us this 'Pre-Arrival Questionnaire' and return it to us a minimum of 5 days before you are due to arrive.

It is essential that we have this information from you before you arrive at the hotel.

There is a version at the bottom of this page that you can simply copy and paste into an e-mail yourself. 

2. Pre-Arrival Information:

This explains in more detail about how to get to the hotel, how to check in with our new procedures in place, and a little more about what your stay will look like. Please read this through. It's available as a PDF or as images. It may be worth saving them to your 'photos' or 'images' on your device so that you have it to hand.

Click on the first image to open in full screen, and then scroll through. Feel free to download these to your own device!

3. Welcome Pack:

We are also providing you with a copy here of your 'Welcome Pack' - this replaces the information pack that would usually be in your room when you arrive (which we have had to remove as part of our new policies), so we strongly recommend that you save a copy. Paper copies will be available for you from reception if you are not able to download one on to your device - please consider the environment and keep an electronic copy where you can.

Click on the first image to open in full screen, and then scroll through. Feel free to download these to your own device!

If you are not able to download the Pre-Arrival Questionnaire, please copy and paste this text, below, into an e-mail to and answer the questions for us. Many thanks! 

Pre-Arrival Questionnaire: 

1. Name:

2. Arrival date:

3. Names of everyone in your group (please give ages for any children with you):

4. Does anyone in your party require assistance exiting the building in case of an emergency?:

5. Approximate check-in time (please note check in times are from 4pm-10:30pm):

6. If you have BOOKED car parking with us, please give us your vehicle registration:

7. What time would you like breakfast (between 8am-9:30am) at the hotel, or would you prefer a £10 voucher per guest to use on The Ancient Mariner breakfast (10:00am-11:30am):

8. Would you like a packed lunch while you're with us? We'll put the order form in your welcome pack if so. 
9. Unless you are on a tariff or booking which includes dinner, you will need to reserve a table to dine with us. Please let us know what DATE and TIME you would like. 

10. Do you or any of your group have any dietary requirements that we need to be aware of?

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