Acoustic Jam Night at The Ancient Mariner

Our second ‘unplugged’ jam night at The Ancient Mariner this year. For all ranges and abilities! If you want to come and practice some chords, or play through something you’ve been trying to learn, we’re the place to head to for a friendly, relaxed jam night in North Devon!

Sam and Lucy (who both work at The Ancient Mariner and The Bath Hotel) will be around for moral or instrumental support if you need it! Alternatively, pop in for a delicious Sunday Roast, and sit back with a pint and a full tummy and soak up the atmosphere.

There will be a couple of guitars and a keyboard available, feel free to bring your own instruments but we aren’t setting up a PA. Jam to start at approximately 730pm.

Get in touch if you have any questions, either on 01598 752238, [email protected] or drop us a message on Facebook (link HERE)